Elixir Notes: Module Names and File Names Mismatch

August 19, 2021

Short version: module names and file names don’t have to match! There is a convention, but mix doesn’t enforce it.


I became fully aware of this after I renamed a directory under lib/, but everything kept working…

This wasn’t what I expected. I ran my tests expecting to be told what I had broken.

At first, I thought it was a caching problem. I removed the _build and deps directories and … everything still worked!

Why believe that names are important?

It was partly my experience with other languages. Coming from Go (or Java), we expect moving files around to break the build.

But, mostly, it was BECAUSE most Elixir projects and examples are so well-behaved! Inside a file named lib/some/thing.ex, we expect to find a module named Some.Thing.

Elixir and Phoenix books

This naming is used consistently in all the Elixir and Phoenix books I read.

It’s a convention…

If you’re feeling unsatisfied/surprised by this behavior, you’re not alone. I found a thread by Joe Armstrong (no less!) discussing this. And here’s the answer, from José Valim himself:

Jose Valim's answer on ElixirForum

Here’s another thread on the topic, and José’s answer:

Jose Valim's answer on ElixirForum

Finally, here’s the text from the Naming Convention reference:

Generally speaking, filenames follow the snake_case convention of the module
they define. For example, MyApp should be defined inside the my_app.ex file.
However, this is only a convention. At the end of the day, any filename can
be used as they do not affect the compiled code in any way.

Detour: a naming recipe

How to convert from a full path to a module name?

e.g. lib/text_client/prompter.ex -> TextClient.Prompter


I read “it doesn’t matter” many times, but never understanding EXACTLY what that meant in practice.

I ran a few experiments to convince myself of the behavior. Here’s my new mental model:

What does that imply?

The name of a module and the file name where it is defined don’t need to be related:

The directory structure doesn’t matter:

Multiple modules can be defined in one file:

Combinations of the above:

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I was looking for understanding: what is allowed and not allowed. I had been working with Elixir for months before REALLY wondering how this worked… I had been following the naming convention and everything was great.

But with great power comes great responsibility: the naming convention exists so that we don’t have to grep around all the time – use the convention, please. The alternative is complete chaos…

(that being said, there are times when it’s useful to bend the rules)

Back to my original problem – it would have been useful to “detect” that I had moved some files to a different directory and that some renaming would be necessary to, once again, comply with the convention.

I wondered if there were tools to help catch this (and briefly considered writing my own). In the end, I found that credo_naming will detect exactly these types of mismatches.

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