Chrome Extension: Click to Remove Element

August 17, 2020

Spanish Translation, thanks to Laura.
Georgian Translation, thanks to Ana.

For years, I customized web pages by opening up Developer Tools, looking for the right DOM elements and deleting them. Classic cases include:

Click to Remove Element

I had reached a point where I wished I could “right-click, delete” on anything on a page. (without opening a console) I went looking and found: Click to Remove Element.

It does exactly what it says it does 😃

You get a toolbar icon (and a keyboard shortcut: cmd-shift-x) … and if you click on something, it gets removed. Straight from the website, the examples are simple but compelling.

Remove images:

example removing an annoying gif

Remove navigation:

example removing an annoying nav

Remove ads:

example removing an annoying ad

Not shown above, but important, there’s a helper popup (browser bottom-right) that shows the HTML path:

helper popup in action

As indicated, you can traverse to parent/children with q/w, respectively. You can make a “rough selection” and navigate up to the “container parent”, which is easy to tell because elements are highlighted on the page.

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